CONSUMERS are just not satisfied anymore without content. Today’s use of technologies has challenged the business world with tough questions on how to grow your product in a complex digital world.

B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is a Bangkok-based Media and Entertainment Investment Company since 2005. Our business focuses on content, brand activation, live-entertainment, events, marketing, production, distribution and analytics. With own in-house channels, events and resources, we bring advertisers, marketers and businesses closer to desired audiences.

We develop New Life Marketing and Experiences that actively help with your brand activation and engage with your customers before they buy, during the buying process and at every relevant touch point. No matter where they are. Welcome, to B-Concept!



We are passionate about what we do. We are fan-driven. We create the right content, share it in the proper channels and engage with fans through brand activation.

We colour people’s lives through content, platforms and experiences. We connect online, social and life moments that let our audience escape from any daily sores and delivers moments of happiness.

We share content online and offline, and with the experiences we share, we might colour your life.

The Fans We Thrive


Asian women become self-made millionaires, according to Affluent Insights. Learn to understand how these financially savvy women spend money. Travel and entertainment take 26% with 74% for cars, luxury, electronics and lifestyle. Women expect the best experience at the best price.


Fifty per cent of the world’s population is under thirty years old according to the World Economic Forum.  The majority is optimistic about technology. Their Top 3 priorities are Health, Travel and Family. Destination travel and spending for experiences are expected to rise to US$ 340 billion by 2020.


LGBT Purchasing Power more than $1 Trillion around the world and Rivals Other Minorities, according to Bloomberg. More than ever the business community is listening to the collective voice of the gay and lesbian community. Findings from experts have concluded that the LGBT brand loyalty is enormous.


Costs are far less important than the experience when it comes to travel. Thailand welcomes 16 million annual travellers to Thailand with high spending. Chinese tourists show a higher purchasing power with 25% for shopping (US$ 762), 19% for hotels and 16% on dining of which 62% uses mobile payment.


Our services include content and channel creation, production, distribution and analytics services.


A thriving Travel and Hospitality Industry has many challenges. With an influx of new and non-traditional players in the travel and hospitality space, think of Airbnb, and other hotels rising, focus on your strengths, customer expectation and experience. Embrace partners and technology and develop better marketing touch points to actively engage with your audience before, through and after the buying process.


Tailored customer experiences when there is mass customisation of experience across all content, advertising and brands become more crucial, according to Deloitte. Customers generate data about their preferences, spending and locations. There’s a significant market opportunity for companies to use this data to hyper-target content and advertising and optimise the customer experience.


We develop New Life Experiences for our Clients who’d like to actively engage with consumers before purchasing, during the purchasing process and at touchpoints. Famous brands use the power of activation to build fans, popularity and sales touch points between consumers and their brands. Some examples of brand activations are product samplings, in-store retail marketing, sponsorships and experiential events.

"Providing valuable experiences and partnerships is good business: your customer will thank you for it, stays loyal to your company and pays a premium for it."
Experiental Marketing

How We Help

Our products and services include understanding, insight, strategy, creative and design, planning and execution across the various disciplines.


  • Business Page Optimisation
  • Content Creation
  • Digital Advertising Management
  • Email Management & Marketing
  • GDPR & Copyright
  • Search Engine and Mobile Optimisation
  • Social Media Management
  • Website or Online Shop


  • Branding & Licensing
  • Creative & Design
  • Media Strategy & Planning
  • Media Buying
  • Transparent Media Buying
  • Monitoring and optimisation
  • Media distribution
  • Media signage
  • Media Channels and Platforms


  • Event Strategy and Conceptualising
  • Location sourcing & contracting
  • Booth, Stage and Fair Construction
  • Event Management & Production
  • Speakers and Entertainment
  • Sound and Light System Rental
  • Licensing & Sponsorship
  • Ticketing & Payment
  • Event Registration


  • Actors and Actresses
  • Artists Management and Bookings
  • Celebrity and Influencer Management
  • Dancers and dance shows
  • DJ Management and Booking
  • Entertainment Branding & Marketing
  • Entertainment outsource
  • Entertainment and Show Touring
  • Venue Residencies & Programming
"Everything we do is designed to create unforgettable online and offline experiences for our customers to connect, engage and inspire with their audience."

What Our Clients Say

Winfried Hancke


B-Concept is a trustworthy partner who commits to a client’s needs and wishes. I can highly recommend their services from a clients perspective.

Winfried Hancke

Centara Hotels and Resorts

Daniel Hinden

On-Time Delivery

Unlike many, the team at B-Concept can pull all of their stamina into several businesses simultaneously and create long-lasting relationships always delivering on time and exceeding expectation.

Daniel Hinden


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