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    Sports features for online and point of sales TixTaq. bconceptgroup.com

    TixTaQ Launches Smart Updates For Amazing Growth

    Online and Point of Sales Ticket Platform solid growths with smart features. bconceptgroup.com

    TixTaQ Launches Smart Updates For Amazing Growth

    Bangkok, May 2021: TixTaq, online & point of sales ticket platform Thailand launched smart ticket selling updates for the best ticket-buying experience.


    Last weeks the technical development teams did a great job in increasing the reporting visibility with visual dashboards and worked on an improved ticket buying experience.

    On the reporting side, you have visual dashboards available specific to the chosen reports. The improved ticket buying experience helps you to gift tickets to other persons as well as to assign specific ticket owners per ticket.


    Remember that on most ticket platforms when you book tickets for the group you always need to check-in as a group and enter the gate. The new feature allows you to assign different ticket “owners” per ticket. Each member of the group can access the event individually.

    A good example is where Person A purchases the ticket and fills in the name and email address of Person B. The last person becomes the new ticket owner and can access the event him/herself.


    The perfect opportunity exists to gift special tickets for concerts and events to someone for his/her birthday or another occasion. The person you donate the ticket(s) to claims the ticket at the entrance under his/her name.

    Improved Ticket Buying Experience

    Another feature that has expanded is the non-seating season tickets option. Previously, you could accept seated events only for a series of events. You can choose if you would like to sell tickets without a fixed seating plan, mix ticket sales between seated and non-seated or choose the seating plan.

    TixTaQ is the leading online and Point of Sales Ticket Channel to sell tickets for concerts, events, parks and sports across Asia and in Thailand. TixTaQ provides self-service and managed ticket-sales capabilities and is the perfect platform for customers who love their exclusive ticket shop. TixTaQ supports access control at events as well as digital marketing and media management.

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    The company provides turn-key solutions for brands, hotels and businesses while reaching out to and engaging with consumers through loyalty programs, media and events.


    Creating Content, Partnerships, Platforms and Stakeholder Value across online and in-person channels is in our DNA. B-Concept manages dedicated teams for businesses with a strong focus on branding, marketing and communications who wish to move away from insourcing business models.

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