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    Here Are The Top 5 Event Trends for 2023

    Here Are The Top 5 Event Trends for 2023

    When trying to predict upcoming trends in any industry, it’s never easy or a sure thing, and the events industry relies on innovation, risk, and the ‘wow’ factor. With 2023 already well upon us, we’ve decided to explore what we see as the Top 5 event trends for 2023.


    The trend in the past was that events become real experiences. Now time and innovation have dramatically changed how events get organized.


    Especially during the Covid-19 period, technology has innovated at lightning speed while contactless events increased enormously. Using multi-purpose apps and tools has been the norm in the last few years. We visited Pop-up event locations as the hot thing. We joined matchmaking during events, and security increased its importance. The internet, technologies and payment required more demanding protection, and offline security guidelines to protect event attendees became immensely crucial.


    With 2023 arriving, these top 5 new event trends have come to light and will change how visitors expect events to take place in the years ahead of us.

    The Top-5 Event Trends Shaking The Way How We Celebrate Events

    #1 Sustainability

    The highest ranked in the Top 5 Event Trends List is all about sustainability. Sustainability is the first trend that is instead a normal than extraordinary. People expect more responsibility from themselves and others and care about the environment and the lives on this planet. Creating better life starts with ourselves, the communities and the environment.


    Therefore sustainability is number one on the trend list. People think more about the best way to travel, using energy-saving equipment or recycled materials and expect the same thinking from the business that puts on an event. An event is an impactful way to inspire or to celebrate, but it comes with responsibilities. When you travel abroad as an individual or a group, CO2 emission should be top of the list. Think carefully about how you can change to make an impact for the better and what you can do to reduce the carbon footprint. Your guests could become more involved in creating social change to environmental impact. What is wrong with letting attendees clean plastic on the beach, making food donations or helping children with books for their next school year? You can do so much more to celebrate a fantastic event and change the impact of your event.


    #2 The Perfect Marriage is between Digital and Live


    With the rapid digital changes in the last few years, digital is another channel to increase event impact or efficiency. In earlier times, we used digital separately from the live experience. Today, digital is unthinkable when it comes to events. How great is it to connect from behind your computer to attend an unreachable event before Covid? Organizers should think more about how to reach organizers who cannot participate for some reason. Online event platforms, registrations, ticketing, and online check-in or out are part of the mix to capture more audiences and streamline the process before, around and after events. Traditional thinking stands most of the time in its way of really changing the impact. An event is fantastic to organize, but the change could be much more significant with proper planning.


    # 3 Attention is Key

    Attention is another prediction listed on the Top 5 Event Trends 2023. Expectations today have changed. In pre-covid history, you attend an event, and many speakers on stage might share knowledge. You are sitting as the transmitter taking it all up while enjoying your drink. Was feeding all this information helpful? Today, individuals want to be part of a conversation and get the attention they deserve. Instead of providing information, you should think about how you can make your audience of use to you while they feel they deserve the attention. Time has evolved, and eventgoers expect more than that. Youngsters have ideas they want to share and talk. It might give you a new view of how your customers think and look at your brand or product. With attention in the front seat, think about how to get information data that can help you with future directions. Instead of just broadcasting your information at events and guests being the receiver, roles have changed. Attendees are more satisfied when you give them a part during your event.


    #4 Always On


    Attending events is one. How cool is it if you could extend the time with other guests? Just seeing them at events is great, but growing the event with a vibrant community can be so much more fun. Always on is, in today’s busy lifestyle, an absolute need. We always discussed strategies and concepts for creating an experience for the audience. Time changes the status quo of connecting with fellow attendees, the product, or the business. Extending the channel on how to communicate events and information is next-thinking.

    Most businesses provide a brief about the event with hotel, food and program and expect people to attend. In some cases, it might work, but as an organizer, there is much more that you can achieve with an event. Sharing regular information, having honest conversations and creating a community can help your business tremendously.


    #5 Transformation Community


    The last significant trend and the last in the Top 5 Event Trends for 2023 is to be ready for the transformation economy. Where in previous years, experiences were the title, transformation is a natural extension to make events more impactful. With an almost overwhelming extent of choice and competition for the consumer, how can you set yourself apart? Innovative businesses realize that they are selling more than a product. They focus on a bigger goal and enable profound decisions that create impact. They know that they must operate in the Transformation Economy to make a change and receive appreciation from guests. According to Claudia Roth, “The Transformation Economy isn’t pitted against the Experience Economy – it is the natural evolution of it, borne out of the increasing desire of the consumer to satisfy the highest tier of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: self-actualization”.

    Events go beyond creating experiences and naturally require better thinking on how you can increase attendee satisfaction from 2023 onwards. The Top 5 Event Trends 2023 go beyond the perception of just organizing an event for the sake of having one.


    Different industries face considerable challenges to changing traditional thinking, which is different and unattached to today’s life changes.


    More people live a hectic lifestyle and try to find sense in their way of living. The search for more valuable lessons about themselves, their lives, and their careers require answers and conversions aligned with these inner selves.

    Are you interested to know more?


    Are you interested to learn more about the 5 Event Trends in 2023 and how we can support you? We are here to help to build the result that your event deserves. For more information about this press release or a free brochure, contact sales@bconceptgroup.com

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