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    Social Responsibility

    The Power of Social Responsibility

    Almost 74% of millennials have donated financial aid to specific causes or family and friends who faced COVID hardships as part of Social Responsibilty.

    According to the charity navigator, there was a 34% rise in donations received as well as an increase of 25% in the number of charities donated.

    Being part of society and combining the Power of Media, Entertainment and Social Responsibility, B-Concept Media Entertainment Group launched several initiatives:

    Corporate Social Responsibility B-Concept
    Corporate Social Responsibility - B-Concept Media Entertainment Group: Creative Fund

    Creative Fund Asia

    The Creative Fund Asia, as part of B-Concept's social responsibility, accelerates Artists, Creatives and other Influencers' careers. In return, B-Concept leverages its skillset and support through the fund the necessary guidance, services, resources and technologies. We invest in growth and connect artists, creatives and influencers to opportunities in Media & Entertainment.

    Live to Give

    Live to Give is another Social Responsibility Program that aligns NGOs with Business Partners and activates consumers with a mission to raise funds for selected legitimate causes and to powerfully impact vulnerable animals, communities and other causes for better life quality.
    Corporate Social Responsibility - B-Concept Media Entertainment Group: Live to Give

    Donate A Cause

    Donate a cause is a social responsibility program where B-Concept donates a % of revenues or complimentary tickets for events to a heartfelt cause to deliver some kind of happiness. Ticket buyers get the chance to donate an extra amount when they purchase tickets on TixTaQ.

    1% for the Planet

    The 1% for the Planet initiative raises funds to tackle environmental issues, reduce the waste of plastic and serve as a catalysator to help NGOs to create a better environment for the future generations. There is only so much that we can do. We will reduce waste, donate food in collaboration with our partner venues and work towards reducing carbon emission.
    Corporate Social Responsibility - B-Concept Media Entertainment Group