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    When Life Comes Back and Entertainment Returns, B-Concept supports lifestyle and entertainment venues. B-Concept Media Entertainment Group

    360 Solutions Available to Safely Restart Entertainment Venues

    B-Concept and Nightlife Venues combining strengths. B-Concept Media Entertainment Group

    360 Solutions Available to Safely Restart Entertainment Venues

    April 2021, Bangkok: The Award-Winning Asian-Focused Event, Media and Ticket Company, B-Concept Media Entertainment Group partners with Nightlife and Entertainment Venues through a suite of services, content and technologies to make a safe and quick restart possible.


    Most venues around the country face closure, reducing capacity, resources and capabilities to reopen fast in a world where this is possible again. Life during COVID-19 has become a burden for most of us, but entertainment and nightlife venue operators have suffered hard with fortifying closures and continuously absorbing operating losses. What should be a positive cycle of life, has grown into hardship for most of the venue operators.

    As an Asian-focused Award-Winning Events, Media and Ticket Company, we partner with venue owners and operators. Through the partnership, B-Concept adds management, marketing, technologies, data collection and events to support venues with a quick restart and to be better connected and promoted. Owning or operating a venue is one, but to connect and maintain a fan base is a completely different ballgame.

    After COVID hit, B-Concept has developed new features in the TixTaQ ticket system which enables us to do timeslot ticketing to reduce high traffic at the door, check-ins and checkouts so we can report on who is inside the venue, data reporting necessary in case of spreading and cashless payment solutions. The ticket system also offers opportunities for sports clubs and theatres to sell bundles of events in one sale.

    “The COVID have changed a lot. Traditional nightlife has undergone different changes where data collection and technologies have become equally important as hospitality and entertainment is. Consumer confidence has also declined and to restore this, we have put standard operating procedures in place to work with venues and success together in the partnership”, according to William Kuipers, Chief Executive Officer of B-Concept Media Entertainment Group Co., Ltd.

    Content, Services and Technologies to Restart Nightlife and Entertainment Venues

    Providing an integrated and evolving business model focused around content, technologies and entertainment, the partnership is beneficial for the venue owner as well as B-Concept. The company offers each partner venue to be included in the entertainment touring schedules but also book or manage the venues in the portfolio for corporate meetings, events and advertising opportunities. On the creative side, B-Concept teams develop the branding, creative, digital, social and event marketing strategies.


    The venue partner can in this way benefit from our skillset and use services and technologies such as our ticketing system to sell tickets or just to check-in and check out. Using this service generates all the data and reports that can be handed over to the Government in the case of infection and to reduce the risk of spreading. Implementing our cashless payment technology helps consumers to pay for food and drinks around the venue, but it also helps with inventory and stock controls.


    B-Concept supports venue partners in a 360 degree way and offering everything to be successful and covers, content, technology and branding, marketing, events and production services and the venues that prefer to be connected with audiences outside the venue can use our live-streaming capabilities to expand the venue’s fan base further than the local territory.


    TixTaQ is an easy-to-use ticket, voucher, cashless and Point of Sales selling system. Selling your tickets starts with opening your account and adding in your event details, ticket types and promotion codes.


    TixTaQ is the perfect solution for organizers to sell tickets for concerts, events and venues. The new TixTaQ sports feature follows a road map to increase fan engagement while offering the best in ticket technology in Thailand and South East Asia while maintaining data collection, health and safety compliance.

    B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is an Asian-focused Award-Winning Event, Media and Ticketing Company, since 2005 and is part of the US-based Lifetime Group Inc.


    The company provides turn-key solutions for brands, hotels and businesses while reaching out to and engaging with consumers through loyalty programs, media and events.


    Creating Content, Partnerships, Platforms and Stakeholder Value across online and in-person channels is in our DNA. B-Concept manages dedicated teams for businesses with a strong focus on branding, marketing and communications who wish to move away from insourcing business models.

    For more information about this press release, contact press@bconceptgroup.com.


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