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    B-Concept 's online and point of sales ticket channel introduces new sports clubs feature to connect with fans. B-Concept Media Entertainment Group

    B-Concept ‘s TixTaQ Launches New Ticket Feature for Sports Clubs

    TixTaQ is a revolutionary online and Point of Sales Ticket Selling System and introduces a new sports clubs feature for sportsclub and sports authority. B-Concept Media Entertainment Group

    B-Concept ‘s TixTaQ Launches New Ticket Feature for Sports Clubs

    April 2021, Bangkok: The Award-Winning Asian-Focused Event, Media and Ticket Company, B-Concept Media Entertainment Group has launched a new sports club ticket feature as part of the TixTaQ Online and Point of Sales ticket, voucher and cashless system aimed at sports clubs and sports authorities.


    The TixTaQ sports club feature aims at sports clubs facing any challenges with their current ticket selling system or sports authorities who might work with a poor system or online ticket registration form for data collection and ticket sales.

    TixTaQ offers a self-service, managed and Point of Sales ticket selling solution offering an advanced ticket and reporting system. TixTaQ has been in Thailand connected for payment to all major channels, including card, digital wallet, QR code, major banks and retail, such as Tesco Lotus, Big C and Central to name a few.


    TixTaQ is a robust system and the most advanced ticket, voucher and Point of Sales selling system in the market today. Covering 28 different languages, the check out process can be tailored to everyone needs. Sell fast and directly from your website, via your sponsors and partners or surrounding businesses and hotels. Through API, the system also can connect with external tools that the sports club might use.



    The TixTaQ sports club feature offers three different levels: Power, Advanced and Ultimate and depends on which features your sports club requires. Choosing the best package for your sports club can easily align with the fans need and with the new season card sales system, you can sell bundles of sporting events throughout the season or renew at once.


    Sell via the web-based Point of Sales System on match or sports days or use the membership option to register fans and grant perks and privileges such as allowing these fans to transfer seats to friends or business partners.

    The New Tix TaQ Ticketing System Overcomes Poor Ticketing and Fan Engagement 

    “Sports clubs and Sports Authorities might not have dedicated ticketing managers or staff in place to handle the ticketing as COVID has forced a digital transformation at every sports club level and requires cost-effective solutions that can be executed by the existing available teams. Here comes TixTaQ in with an effective ticket, voucher and Point of Sales selling system”, said William Kuipers, Chief Executive for B-Concept Media Entertainment Group.

    TixTaQ is an easy-to-use ticket, voucher, cashless and Point of Sales selling system. Selling your tickets starts with opening your account and adding in your event details, ticket types and promotion codes.


    TixTaQ is the perfect solution for organizers to sell tickets for concerts, events and venues. The new TixTaQ sports feature follows a road map to increase fan engagement while offering the best in ticket technology in Thailand and South East Asia while maintaining data collection, health and safety compliance.

    B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is an Asian-focused Award-Winning Event, Media and Ticketing Company, since 2005 and is part of the US-based Lifetime Group Inc. The company provides turn-key solutions for brands, hotels and businesses while reaching out to and engaging with consumers through loyalty programs, media and events. Creating Content, Partnerships, Platforms and Stakeholder Value across online and in-person channels is in our DNA. B-Concept manages dedicated teams for businesses with a strong focus on branding, marketing and communications who wish to move away from insourcing business models.

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