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    Hans van den Born - Chief Executive Officer Netherlands Thai Chamber of Commerce at Chiang Mai Connect. B-Concept Group

    TCEB, JFCCT & NTCC MOU Signing on 18 September 20

    B-Concept Hybrid Meeting Technology To Power MOU Signing
    Hans van den Born - Chief Executive Officer Netherlands Thai Chamber of Commerce will sign MOU with Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) Thailand. B-Concept Group

    TCEB, JFCCT & NTCC MOU Signing on 18 September 20

    Bangkok, September 2020: B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is proud to announce its involvement in the MOU signing between multiple international and domestic government and business organizations.


    On Friday 18 September 2020, the Netherlands-Thai Chamber of Commerce (NTCC) with its Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand (JFCCT) will be signing an MOU with the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB).

    Joint MOU Signing in Rayong, Thailand

    The joint agreement is to promote business opportunities to foreign investors across the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). The signing is taking place at the stunning Rayong Marriott Resort & Spa. B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is powering this Hybrid event across a multitude of media channels to promote this critical agreement between Thai and international governmental and business agencies.

    “We are proud to be associated with this Thailand event across to give delegates access from their homes or work and give the event in Thailand the exposure it deserves,” said B-Concept Media CEO, William Kuipers. “The MOU signing between the NTCC, JFCCT and the TCEB represents a move in the right direction to forge more business opportunities between the international community and the Thailand tourism sector, and we are proud to be involved in such an important event.”

    Promoting Business Opportunities to Foreign Investors

    During these critical times, it’s essential forging alliances across the Thailand investment and business sectors.


    The Executive Director of the NTCC, Hans van den Born, recently talked about the MOU signing at the TCEB Thailand MICE United event in Bangkok. “The NTCC is happy to announce we are about to sign an MOU together with the TCEB organization,” said Hans van den Born. “The industry needs all the support it can get in these challenging times. We will showcase all the possibilities for foreign investors that the EEC area has to offer. This joint partnership will include the TCEB, JFCCT, but also the EEC office, the BOI, and any other business entities in promoting Thailand as your future investment destination.”


    Bringing together so many agencies under one umbrella is a positive collaboration that the Kingdom needs at this moment in time.

    Hybrid Meetings have become increasingly important over the past few months. Limits on physical travel have enhanced the need for hybrid meetings that are held in a virtual arena. One of the positives to come from the past few months is the increase in the market for virtual conferences and the innovative technology that is currently available. B-Concept Media will be at the helm to promote the MOU signing in Rayong.


    “Over the past few months, we have streamlined and perfected our ability to host Hybrid Meetings to promote events and conferences to a wider online audience,” said Kuipers. “B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is at the forefront of hosting and powering Hybrid Meetings in Thailand, so it’s only natural that we are powering this important joint agreement between so many domestic and international groups and organizations. Promoting business opportunities across the EEC to potential foreign investors is not something we take likely. We are proud to be in a market-leading position to promote such important events.”

    B-Concept Media Entertainment Group was initially formed in 2005 with a reputation as a premier marketing, event, and ticket company in Thailand. They have a track record for promoting events across a multitude of digital media channels to give brands and conferences the ultimate in exposure across Thailand and Beyond.

    “We can give local and international businesses unparalleled brand exposure across Thailand,” said William Kuipers. “If you are a business who wants maximum marketing presence in Thailand, we have a track record for success through the digital marketing, media and events verticals. Our recent win at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2020 goes to prove our expertise, dedication, and vision.”

    B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is a Bangkok-based Thailand Events, Media, and Ticket company, since 2005. B-Concept facilitates with artists & resources, branding & design, concepts & creative to engage brands with fans and businesses with delegates.


    B-Concept MPA is B-Concept’s business meetings, event management and teambuilding brand. With different media channels, engagements and distributions, the company engages with audiences and supports advertisers with the necessary insights.


    Thailand Event Guide is a multi-channel event and ticket platform which connects advertisers and businesses to outgoers and fans through events and special promotions. The event platform is connected to digital, social media and marketing databases.


    If you are a company in Thailand who wants to promote your event or market your business to a broader audience, you can contact the award-winning B-Concept at sales@bconceptgroup.com. Just drop us a line to get the best marketing advice and strategies for success.

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