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    Thailand Event Guide

    Are you looking to connect with event enthusiasts and promote your business? Look no further than Thailand Event Guide. Our platform offers advertising, community, database and marketing solutions to help co-brand and promote your business and events and distribute your offers to an eager audience. Thailand Event Guide connects members and non-members to booking, community, events, food, nightlife and shopping.


    People who love exploring Asia seek authentic cultural experiences and popular attractions. EZY-Go offers a one-stop platform for booking activities, events, and hospitality services. Through EZY-Go, agents worldwide can access information about upcoming festivals, tours, workshops, and other experiences in Asia and beyond and then share this information with consumers looking for their next adventure.

    Meeting Event Venues

    Are you in search of a venue for your meeting or event? Look only as far as Meeting Event Venues, a comprehensive platform for event planners to connect with interested buyers. Buyers can easily filter their search by location and amenities to find their preferred venues. The venue listings display available room spaces. The platform handles booking requests, issues invoices, and secures payments, making it easy and convenient for both parties. Make Meeting Event Venues preferred to streamline your venue search and booking process.

    Gay Asia Traveler

    Gay Asia Traveler gets to be the newly updated Gay Dating and Gay Community Platform reaching out to LGBT people around the world for gay things to do. The Gay Asia Traveler omnichannel platform offers advertisers a fast-growing follower base. List your business on Gay Asia Traveler and promote news across feeds and groups. Things to do for LGBT communities in Asia or individuals who schedule their travelling to Asia. The audience is a mature spending group of people who are passionate about travel and luxury.

    TixTaQ Tickets

    Are you looking to purchase tickets for concerts, events, music, or seminars? TixTaQ Tickets is the perfect online registration and ticket-selling platform for you. With TixTaQ Tickets, clubs, organizers, and venues can quickly sell tickets online. This platform offers premium features that engage audiences, including fast check-out experiences, real-time seat plans, multiple event sales in one purchase, advanced reporting, and one-click refunds—selling tickets is a breeze.


    EZY-Booking is a self-service artist booking platform for booking agents, artists and entertainers who prefer to take bookings into their own hands. Talent list your online skills. Potential buyers favourite multiple artists, bands, DJs and shows for performance worldwide. EZY-Booking provides additional amenities. EZY-Booking is a convenient platform for finding artists, promoting your venue, and securing online bookings and payment.