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    B-Concept Acquires Taste of Thailand Award-Winning Food Tours

    B-Concept Acquires Taste of Thailand Award-Winning Food Tours

    Bangkok, 5 October 2022 – B-Concept Media Entertainment Group has acquired Taste of Thailand Food Tours, an award-winning food tour business in Bangkok.


    Taste of Thailand is an ambitious food tour company that provides exciting food tours such as Village of Love Tour, Village of Love at Night, Chinatown Crawl and Tuk Tuk Urban Odyssey. The company leads beautiful vegan tours and has successfully organized culinary food events.

    Taste of Thailand, Award-Winning Food Tours

    B-Concept Media Entertainment Group aims to further add companies, affiliations and partnerships to its product and service offering experiences in digital and physical customer journeys.


    “Taste of Thailand” programs deliver more opportunities to existing customers. With our marketing and distribution capabilities, we provide the next step of growth where new programs, culinary events and city expansion are on the road map. Taste of Thailand perfectly blends into our vision of becoming the Experience Company of the future where content is aligned with technologies to deliver the best experiences.” according to William Kuipers, Chief Executive Officer at B-Concept.

    “Our clients predominantly come from the corporate, government, hospitality and travel industries”, according to Marc Van den Sanden, Director of Events at B-Concept Media Entertainment Group. “Taste of Thailand is an excellent add-on within our event service and platform portfolios to service our customer channels”.

    Are you interested to know more?


    Are you interested to learn more about Award-winning food tours in Thailand? We are here to help to deliver food tour experiences and culinary events for groups. Individuals can book on the website https://tasteofthailand.org. For more information about this press release or a free brochure, contact sales@bconceptgroup.com

    About Taste of Thailand Food Tours


    Taste of Thailand is Thailand’s leading food tour business, executing exciting food tours for travellers in Bangkok, Ayudhya and Chiang Mai. Taste of Thailand believes food is one of the most intimate windows to culture, history and people and one of the most authentic ways to explore a city. Every dish has a story behind it.

    About B-Concept Media Entertainment Group


    B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is a multi-award-winning Bangkok, Thailand-based event and marketing solutions provider. The company provides turn-key solutions in creative and branding, marketing and activations, events and management, ticketing and distribution across all digital platforms, events and venues.


    B-Concept manages different brands, including B-Concept MPA, a MICE organizing business, and TixTaQ Tickets for concerts, festivals and sports. Other brands include Thailand Event Guide, a media community for nightlife and activities, and EZY-Go, the digital travel commerce platform. Another business under B-Concept is Event Hub, a venue management portfolio business helping owners of distressed venues with management, programming, technologies and execution. Clients include consumers, corporate, government, hospitality, real estate, tech and travel.

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