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    Cook Your Almighty Hotel Partnership and Become The Best is Now

    Cook Your Almighty Hotel Partnership and Become The Best is Now

    Bangkok, May 2021: The saying that you can’t do it all makes sense if you know that hotel capabilities have been set up around room and catering sales. Sourcing for a new hotel partnership for outsourcing your events and production is not only now but it will give your customer better quality and service.


    In a time when COVID-19 has hit hard and challenged venues, whether they are hotels and resorts, convention centres or other types of venues, there have been challenges to maintain the skillset, maintenance and resources to deliver quality as expected.

    Most businesses look around for a stronger hotel partnership to take over the certain focus of their businesses. The mindset can have a marketing, events, sales or production AV-driven attitude to tackle the current challenges facing.

    Of course, the argument that customers can choose their events or product supplier is completely relevant, but providing quality in-house service will reduce customers’ temptation to go shopping elsewhere. Offering the services keep the revenue and experience in-house and offer you chances to build extra loyalty.

    When you talk to a company like us or someone else, make transparent appointments on what you expect from the hotel partnership and the final deliveries that you would like to look back on. What is better than having your reliable events partner around the table and professionally answering any customer questions.

    Working with a partner saves the customer sales and service teams from the annoying event and production details lining up towards the event and withholding your personnel from what they should do best and that is selling.

    Content, Services and Technologies to Restart Nightlife and Entertainment Venues

    Agreeing with partners to complete your weaknesses is a wise decision for building strength. It saves you serious investments as the Events Management Company or AV Supplier takes this investment. The hotel will not be responsible anymore for the expenses and the maintenance that comes with the equipment. The only thing that you must provide is the office and storage space for the partner to operate.

    You operate a lot faster with a partnership in place and do not have to wait on quotation requests. A clear transparent fee applies to both the hotel and the partner which will recoup the operating expenses and leading towards a profit. Such partnership is also workable between convention & exhibition centres or music halls and third-party event management companies who might consider outsourcing event management or production services.

    If you choose the right hotel partnership, besides your skillset and resources you can also rely on their sales networks, marketing channels, technologies and creative content to accelerate your business across a multitude of services.

    Bottom line, the end-user wins from a successful collaboration between the hotel and the supplier. Events will be more professional, better skill sets are available, higher-quality of hardware and resources, access to better networks and resources and honest advice leads to larger customer satisfaction.

    Your customer can choose to receive one hotel bill, including all the events and AV services or choose to receive the invoice from the partner that includes all hotel and service items or only the services delivered by the partner. The breakdown between both parties remains the same.

    Outsourcing to the hotel could be an expensive and lesser-quality solution. Choose to use a specialist who can accelerate your in-house projects and during COVID worth considering.

    B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is an Asian-focused Award-Winning Event, Media and Ticketing Company, since 2005 and is part of the US-based Lifetime Group Inc.


    The company provides turn-key solutions for brands, hotels and businesses while reaching out to and engaging with consumers through loyalty programs, media and events.


    Creating Content, Partnerships, Platforms and Stakeholder Value across online and in-person channels is in our DNA. B-Concept manages dedicated teams for businesses with a strong focus on branding, marketing and communications who wish to move away from insourcing business models.

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