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    LED Screen Rental for your event often creates an excellent visual experience. bconceptgroup.com

    Hire a LED Screen for your Next Event in Thailand

    Miss Supranational uses a LED Screen at their event. bconceptgroup.com

    Hire a LED Screen for your Next Event in Thailand

    Bangkok, April 2020 – B-Concept Media Entertainment Group offers a complete LED Screen Rental assortment for indoor and outdoor events in Thailand. B-Concept Group provides turn-key digital marketing, event management and media solutions. Besides different backdrop panels, B-Concept offers LED, Presentation, Stream and Visual Solutions to make your upcoming event stand out.

    LED Screen at your event positively impacts your function. Response from attendees when using a LED Screen is in most cases a positive value-add and making your event visually more attractive.


    There are indoor and outdoor models of LED Screens. Indoor screens often have different pixel resolutions while outdoor screens offer resistance against harsh weather conditions.


    Renting a LED Screen for an event is an excellent choice though LED Screens are usually more expensive than renting a traditional backdrop. Some hotels have invested in LED Screens, such as Conrad. Bangkok who offers a colossal size backdrop that can hang in partial sizes across the ballroom.


    The LED Screen is the hardware where visual presentations and motion graphics can show. The visual displays and motion graphics must be created and rendered according to the size of the screen. You can ask visual presentation and motion graphics designers to design specific presentations and graphics for your event.

    Keep in mind that, like in any other industry, different types of quality exist. Some designers create designs with wow factors but often cost a lot more than average designers who deliver stock graphics or motion in their presentations. While their budget associate with the output looks reasonable, the effect that the display has on the audience is significantly lower.


    With indoor LED displays, you can include branding in your event. Set, for example, different LED screens up in the lobby with your corporate branding and surprise your guests when they walk in or add interactive engagement between the screen and the audience.


    The choice of pixels and size of the LED screen depends on the type of event. Some displays do not need the highest resolution, while at other activities, you require to display highly detailed visuals on the screen.


    The size of LED Screen hires often depends on location, height, group size and purpose. Setting up a LED Screen in a hotel function room requires fewer specifications than setting up a LED Screen in a convention hall or arena.

    B-Concept Group and B-Concept MPA provide turn-key solutions that cover branding, channels, design, digital, entertainment, events, MICE, team building and productions.


    B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is a Bangkok-based Full-Service Artist, Digital, Events & Media Company. The Company currently services consumer, fashion, hotels, lifestyle, tech and tourism businesses with digital marketing, entertainment, events & meetings and lifestyle solutions.


    B-Concept distributes Fatboy lifestyle products in Thailand and operates different channels including Thailand Event Guide, Gay Asia Traveler – an LGBT Community – as well as EZY-Go, an attraction booking platform.

    For more information about this press release, contact press@bconceptgroup.com


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