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    Freedom and having the space to do what and when is favourite among respondents according to Job Site. B-Concept Media Entertainment Group

    Work from Home Wins According to Employee Survey

    Some key workers still work at the office, but most have returned to work from home. B-Concept Media Entertainment Group

    Work from Home Wins According to Employee Survey

    April 2021, Bangkok: Jobsite Flexjobs recently held a survey under 2,181 pandemic remote workers, of which 3/4 of them are based in the USA and Canada. Interesting to see is that 65% of them prefer to remain work from home. Another 58% stated that they are open to a change of their position if they can work from home elsewhere. Only 2% is prepared to return to the office and take on the workstation where they have left. Another 11% said that remote work is not an essential motivation for them.

    Infographic: Workers Want to Stay Put in Home Office | StatistaStatista| B-Concept Media Entertainment Group

    Under a third of the respondents, a preferred model of working is the hybrid model. This model is a combination between the office and remote working.

    The biggest perks of the work from home model are: No commuting and saving money for travelling to the office were 84% and 75% of the remote workers respectively.

    There are much more reasons against remote working. Reasons included overworking / the ability to unplug (35%), distraction at home and connecting to the internet (24%) and tech problems (28%). Video meeting for another 24% was fatigue.

    Work from Home: Create a Better Life Quality for Yourself

    Only 24% of all the respondents have a designated home office to work from home while 34% did their best according to living circumstances to create one.
    47% of the respondents are keen to relocate if they can achieve lower-cost living and 58% trumped to find a better quality of life while a third they said they would make if this could lead to a better work environment at home. Another third entertained the idea.

    Safe Travel Costs is a Big Factor

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