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    B-Concept Wins and is Best Event Agency in Thailand. bconceptgroup.com

    B-Concept Media Wins at Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2020

    Award-Winning Luxury Event Agency in Thailand
    Luxury Lifestyle Awards awarded B-Concept Group as the best luxury event agency in Thailand. bconceptgroup.com

    B-Concept Media Wins at Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2020

    August 2020, Bangkok: B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is proud to announce becoming a winner at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2020 in the category for ‘The Best Luxury Event Agencies in Thailand’.

    The Luxury Lifestyle Awards are one of the most prestigious, respected, and recognized award brands for the luxury market. The awards are conducted via an independent research process. The process is known as one of the most distinguished in the world. B-Concept have received the award for their excellence and impeccable performance in the event industry across Thailand and Asia.


    Winning the award for The Best Luxury Event Agencies in Thailand confirms that B-Concept is in the upper-echelons of the industry in Thailand.

    “We are honoured to be ranked as one of the best luxury event agencies in Thailand by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards brand,” said B-Concept CEO, William Kuipers. “We work hard to promote events and market local businesses to give them more exposure. Our success has come through our hard work and dedication to promoting events and companies across Thailand. We are very proud to receive this award from such a prestigious luxury lifestyle brand.”

    The Award-Winning Event Agency in Thailand

    This award elevates B-Concept Group to the pinnacle of the event and agency marketing industry sector in Thailand. The award symbolizes excellence and quality, which are the cornerstones of the B-Concept Media brand.

    B-Concept is now considered as one of the best event marketing companies in Thailand. And if you are looking to elevate your upcoming event or to market your company in Thailand or Asia, they are the ultimate choice.

    Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2020

    This is the 12th Annual Luxury Lifestyle Awards conducted from the vast Global Luxury Consumer Report 2020. The brand evaluated more than 10,000 various goods and services across 400 categories from 60 countries to bring you the top luxury picks worldwide across each region.

    The Global Luxury Consumer Report was collated using lots of research. The results were calculated from online databases and marketing data, from trade associations, industry experts, social media presence, info from blogs and forums, media reports, and market research reports. The vast data from each category were then reviewed by luxury lifestyle market experts.

    The awards are not just handed out to any company. It’s very prestigious to receive The Best Luxury Event Agencies in Thailand award. It signals success and prosperity. And also cements B-Concept Media as a market-leading company in the luxury lifestyle sector in SE-Asia and beyond.

    B-Concept Media and Entertainment Group is one of the premier event and marketing agencies in Thailand with an extensive track record for success. B-Concept develops, creates, and manages content relating to events and marketing across Thailand.

    They offer stunning one-stop-shop marketing options for local and international businesses who want to propel their exposure to the next level in Thailand. We utilize the latest innovations in digital and online marketing strategies and techniques to offer the ultimate exposure for your company. B-Concept has a team of writers, designers, and marketing and sales professionals that provide exceptional services and unbeatable value.

    “We can give local and international businesses unparalleled brand exposure across Thailand,” said William Kuipers. “If you are a business who wants maximum marketing presence in Thailand, we have a track record for success. Our recent win at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2020 goes to prove our expertise, dedication, and vision.”

    B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is a Bangkok-based Event, Media, and Ticket company, since 2005. B-Concept facilitates with artists & resources, branding & design, concepts & creative to engage brands with fans and businesses with delegates.


    B-Concept MPA is B-Concept’s business meetings, event management and teambuilding brand. With different media channels, engagements and distributions, the company engages with audiences and supports advertisers with the necessary insights.


    If you are a company in Thailand who wants to promote your event or market your business to a broader audience, you can contact the award-winning B-Concept at sales@bconceptgroup.com. Just drop us a line to get the best marketing advice and strategies for success.

    For more information about this press release, contact press@bconceptgroup.com.


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