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    Concerts or Shows sell out with Tix TaQ Tickets. bconceptgroup.com

    TixTaq, All in One Transparent Future-Proof Ticket Channel for Attractions and Organisers

    With Tix TaQ your life is a lot easier and gets more fun. bconceptgroup.com

    TixTaq, All in One Transparent Future-Proof Ticket Channel for Attractions and Organisers

    Bangkok, June 2020 – B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is pleased to announce the soft-launch of a robust future-proof ticket channel across the Asian market. The SAAS ticket platform helps ticket channels, promoters and owners of attractions, museums, sports arenas, theatres, and water parks sell their tickets. Our technology has integration features with cashless systems that offer nationwide payment options at banks, convenience stores and grocery shops around Thailand as well as mobile wallets and cards. We can also promote organisers’ events and venues across multiple channels.

    “This fantastic new ticket technology can sell attraction, shows and entertainment events in a post-COVID world ” said B-Concept CEO William Kuipers. “Corporate partners can distribute tickets flawlessly across channels, add in extra promotions and enjoy benefits from dedicated ticket sales”.

    All in One Transparent Future-Proof Ticket Channel


    The ticket technology is convenient to plugin and gives you the option to sell tickets from any website. The system is future-proof. You can implement and start selling right away. The software also has the option for blocking seats for social distancing. You can book your place for a show like a pro in real-time. Selling tickets has never been more accessible. The easy-to-use dashboard gives you access to the most crucial information about your ticket sales.

     Flexible or Timeslot Entrance Selling


    This ground-breaking system is a flexible solution for selling your tickets. It also gives you the option to sell time slots for cinemas and waterparks. You can even use it to sell seasonal cards, gift cards, or package tickets that include parking, food and drinks. This flexible and customisable system allows you to manage your ticket sales conveniently.

    Customise every step of the way, including your ticket. Survey your audience and engage them with promotions. Do you plan to sell a series of events? No problem at all, as you can set up multiple series of events throughout the year and sell them in one package. This ticket-selling network can help venues and event organisers to sell tickets from almost anywhere while ensuring that buyers can also get their entrance ticket of choice most simply and conveniently. Implement this game-changing SAAS ticket platform today with B-Concept Media to evolve your selling or distribution capabilities.

    B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is a Bangkok-based Event, Media, and Ticket company, since 2005.


    B-Concept manages, books and promotes artists and events across digital and event platforms. B-Concept is the official partner for BCD Meetings & Events in Thailand, which is a global business meetings and events business, and Fatboy, an iconic lifestyle brand.


    B-Concept MPA is B-Concept’s business meetings, event management and teambuilding brand. With different media channels, engagements and distributions, the company engages with audiences and supports advertisers with the necessary insights.

    For more information about this press release, contact press@bconceptgroup.com.


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