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    Elevate Your Brand with Customized Booth or Brand Activation in Thailand

    Audi brand activation that accelerates. bconceptgroup.com

    Elevate Your Brand with Customized Booth or Brand Activation in Thailand

    Bangkok, July 2020 – We live in a business world where booth, brand activation and brand awareness are the cornerstones of success. Did you know you can elevate your brand’s exposure to the next level with a stylish yet practical solution?

    But how can you get a customized booth to attend your next sales fair or exhibition?


    With a full team, we provide turnkey exhibition stall designs that will ensure you stand out from the crowd at any fair or exhibition. Why would you settle for second best when you can give your brand the exposure it needs for success?

    Work on your Brand Activation Today!

    When you want to make a grand first impression at a trade fair or exhibition, B-Concept can create some of the most awe-inspiring portable or modular booth and customized booth options in the marketplace.

    Enjoy that personal touch with an exhibition booth in Thailand that offers something aesthetically pleasing that will spark emotion and a call-to-action within potential customers or clients while simultaneously projecting your brand’s image.

    We have over 15 years’ of experience creating brand activations. If you have a trade fair coming up that you want to attend, they can work with you to create the perfect exhibition booth in Thailand to elevate your brand.

    This Thailand booth option is ideal for companies who are looking to make a big impression at trade fairs, conferences or even brand activation events or product launches. Their in-house team will help you to maximize your brand’s exposure with the most stunning visuals that utilize high-end marketing values.

    Custom-Made Portable and Modular Booth in Thailand


    It would help if you marketed your business most innovatively. We are here to help you conceptualize your exhibition booth in Thailand or across other international markets. The exhibition booth will be tailor-made for your specific industry and specifics.

    One of the critical elements in the success is that we deliver both portable and modular booths that keep a standard structure that is the backbone of the stall. However, you can interchange the actual exterior appearance of the stall to fit many different presentations to suit your needs. This type of design keeps costs and waste to a bare minimum. You can use it time and time again. This multiple exhibition design creates a dynamic exhibition booth in Thailand that you can use in many different ways.

    Accelerate Your Brand


    Your company can work together with us to develop the design to suit your marketing concepts. As experts in this field, we will also give you some creative ideas to maximize the potential of your Thailand booth. Do you want an exhibition booth in Thailand that makes heads turn? Or are you looking for something a little subtler?

    By working in tandem with B-Concept Media Entertainment Group, you can streamline the entire concept of your stall. By understanding your needs, your industry and what you are trying to achieve from your booths, they can ensure you take the exhibition by storm.

    Product Launches, Exhibitions and Events


    The most important events at a company are the launches of a new brand or a new product. If brand activation or product launches are the main goals of your stall installation, you need to pull out the stops to blow your potential customers or clients away. Our Brand Activation experts manage to develop, design and construct premium brand stalls. Use it to launch products and brands in the most innovating way to target your desired consumer groups.

    Enjoy our one-stop-shop for brand activation booths that are reusable, portable and scalable, when you want to make a first impression that counts, elevate your brand today with a stylish and customized Thailand booth.

    B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is a Bangkok-based Event, Media, and Ticket company, since 2005.


    B-Concept manages, books and promotes artists and events across digital and event platforms. B-Concept is the official partner for BCD Meetings & Events in Thailand, which is a global business meetings and events business, and Fatboy, an iconic lifestyle brand.


    B-Concept MPA is B-Concept’s business meetings, event management and teambuilding brand. With different media channels, engagements and distributions, the company engages with audiences and supports advertisers with the necessary insights.

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