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    Entertainment Marketing for Brands and Venues

    The Power between Entertainment and Branding

    Entertainment for marketing, sponsorship, residencies and events. Want to make a physical presence in your marketing campaign? Need a way to make your event the one everyone shares? Do you think you could benefit from some celebrity endorsements or want the thumbs-up from a powerful influencer? Maybe you are looking for a powerful brand partnership or want some help with licensing or product placement? Perhaps your event needs some A-list artists, a great band or a set of actors to help you stage something special? Whether it is to boost visibility or simply make a huge statement, we have the resources to help.

    Entertainment Pop Culture, Talented Artists and Powerful Brands

    Despite evolving marketing trends and the ever-changing habits of the consumer, it is safe to say that the public is always going to love a good show. Whether it is for marketing purposes or to improve the wow-factor of an event, entertainment is a critical element in marketing that is consistent in adding the fascination factor. Entertainment marketing powerfully utilizes the world of showbiz and stimulates the senses to assist in the promotion or sale of products, brands and services. It also works to build impactful relationships that provide gain for both parties and allows positive and organic exposure for both parties. Incorporating entertainment into your marketing strategy or event effectively connects your brand to a powerful experience. For visibility and engagement needs or to make a strong statement at your event; entertainment successfully creates a sense of excitement and atmosphere that is difficult to spread digitally. 


    B-Concept Entertainment Manages and books artists, bands, DJ's and Shows. bconceptgroup.com
    B-Concept Entertainment Manages and books artists, bands, DJ’s and Shows. bconceptgroup.com

    Who Will Appear at Your Next Event or Marketing Campaign?

    Entertainment assets licensing is powerful for brands and assists in the creation of noticeable revenue increase. We can assist in the licensing process that includes selecting and brokering the right entertainment brand for physical sales, digital and on-stage storytelling, music, drama, dance, bands and live performances that entertain audiences at events or venues throughout Asia. Incorporate licensing or sponsorship from global entertainment brands for your marketing or sales campaigns and let us incorporate practical entertainment elements into your strategy. Work with our dedicated experts and enjoy global connections with artists, personalities, acts and influencers for branding, marketing, product placement, event appearances or residencies.

    Work with our dedicated booking and licensing agents and enjoy connections with artists, brands, personalities, acts and influencers for branding, marketing, product placement, event appearances or residencies. We have incredible relationships with a wide range of industries, artists and influencers throughout Asia, and are always forming more.

    Get in touch with our expert entertainment team today and let us help you with your vision.

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