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    A show you can't miss. Queen of Sand is a show that surprises you. B-Concept Group

    Queen of Sand

    Amazing Sand Show You Not Want to Miss

    Queen of Sand

    2024, Dates to be Announced.

    The sand artist Irina Titova was born in Moscow in 1990, where she studied pedagogy with a specialization in art in 2011. Russian art.


    Witness the enchanting performance of the Queen of Sand, bookable through B-Concept Group. Irina Titova, the renowned sand artist, captivates audiences with her breathtaking sand stories. Her artistry is not just a performance; it’s an emotional journey that touches the heart.

    Book the Queen of Sand for your next event and let her sand paintings weave a narrative that will leave your guests spellbound.

    The Russian artist worked alongside her studies as a volunteer in a Moscow art museum. There, she worked mainly with autistic children in the field of art therapy. During this time, she discovered her passion for sand painting. Since then, Titova has been working as a sand artist in well-known shows and events.

    She is one of the few who has mastered this impressive art to perfection and is celebrated worldwide for her emotional performances. At significant live events, she creates an emotional sand painting and deeply touches visitors emotionally with her sand stories.

    Experience the Magic of Sand Art with the Queen of Sand at B-Concept Group

    Don’t miss the opportunity to feature this unique and mesmerizing art form at your venue.

    Contact B-Concept Group today and secure the Queen of Sand for an unforgettable artistic showcase.

    “The Russian‘ Queen of Sand ‘proves an astonishing precision in her show.” – Frankfurter Rundschau
    “A completely new unit of magical pictures, narrative language and congenial music that simply captured.” – Eckernförder Zeitung
    Sand painter Irina Titova": The "Queen Of Sand
    We bring a unique experience. Queen of Sand. B-Concept Group

    Around the world in 80 pictures

    In the Autumn of 2024, the queen of sand art invites you to a unique circumnavigation of the earth, always humorous and with a wink.

    In her show, the “Queen of Sand” travels freely with the audience according to Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Pictures”. On this exciting journey around the globe, the protagonists made of sand experience many adventures, visit landmarks and marvel at the world’s wonders.

    With her sensational show “SANDSATION”, the “QUEEN” drew an underlit glass plate, a large canvas and sand – that’s all the young artist needs to breathe life into her characters and tell moving stories that put a smile on everyone’s face.

    It is breathtaking at what speed and with what graceful ease the sand queen lets images emerge and then vanish, in order to immediately create something new. It has a mesmerizing effect to watch Irina how filigree the sand trickles through her hands and magically merges into true works of art.
    The world of Sand beautifully visualised. B-Concept Group
    Enjoy the show of Queen of Sand. B-Concept Media Entertainment Group

    B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is a Bangkok-based Full-Service Artist, Digital, Events & Media Company. The Company currently services consumer, fashion, hotels, lifestyle, tech and tourism businesses with digital marketing, entertainment, events & meetings and lifestyle solutions. 

    B-Concept Media Entertainment Group distributes Fatboy lifestyle products in Thailand and operates different channels, including Thailand Event Guide, Gay Asia Traveler – an LGBT Community – as well as EZY-Go, an attraction booking platform. 

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