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    Marketing Roadshows in Asia and Europe

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    Marketing Roadshows in Asia and Europe

    Europe | Asia, June 2022: With an ever-changing marketing landscape in the “new normal”, Braincross Events in the Netherlands and B-Concept Media Entertainment Group have crossed continents to offer mobile trailers and branded roadshows around the world.


    Both companies have built a substantial portfolio in a rapidly changing marketing industry where data, technology, innovation, and creativity go hand in hand.

    Mobile Marketing Platform for Outreach

    Brain Cross has managed mobile inspiring and interactive roadshow marketing for brand partners, including Huawei, Shell, Triumph, Interfood, Unilever, and Hitachi. The last brand’s tagline, “What’s Next”, has even more meaning now in today’s marketing life.


    According to Paul de Ridder from Braincross, “the partnership offers an advanced end-to-end roadshow marketing solution for Europe and Asia”.


    B-Concept Media Entertainment Group has managed digital marketing and brand activations, events, marketing, media, and registrations for various blue-chip, brand, government, hospitality, travel, and agency partners. The company has an impressive customer portfolio and is a preferred partner for unique landmarks and locations.


    Marc Van den Sanden, Director of Events at B-Concept Media Entertainment Group, agrees and adds: “Besides the execution, our footprint offers on-the-ground expertise for more than 20 years in concept, branding and creative, logistics, entertainment or program, storytelling, technologies and successful on the ground execution in a specific market”.

    Consumer behaviour has changed. We all agree that a rising number of consumers have shifted away from physical shopping and purchasing products online at the convenience of their homes.


    Waiting for consumers to enter a physical store is written in our children’s history books. It leaves marketers thinking about how they can reach these individuals, share their brand stories, and increase sales or engagement.

    Roadshow Marketing, Mobile Exhibition stands and Food & Beverage Units

    B-Concept and Braincross create concepts for brands who can access a portfolio of fantastic activation, creative ideas, marketing, roadshows, and semi-permanent exhibition solutions that share stories well-told. Mobile Roadshow Marketing is the ideal solution for every brand. The product helps open new markets or build brand awareness in a specific territory. It brings brands and people closer together.


    A global brand understood the importance of educating consumers and created an 18-month roadshow across multiple countries in Europe, followed by the second leg of the tour in Asia. Your roadshow can present a campaign covering everything from creative concept, branding, interior, logistics and trailer, media and promotion, storytelling and digital content, and data collection, plus a program with a localized twist.

    Are you interested to know more?


    Are you interested to learn more about Activation and Roadshow marketing in Asia or Europe? We are here to help to build the result that your brand deserves. For more information about this press release or a free brochure, contact sales@bconceptgroup.com

    About Brain Cross Mobile Events

    BrainCross Mobile Events connects brands with innovative roadshow solutions, semi-permanent exhibition stands and hospitality solutions, branded and decorated according to your requirements. Our slogan: “Brand, Connect, Expand” is our tagline.

    About B-Concept Media Entertainment Group


    B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is a multi-award-winning Bangkok, Thailand-based event and marketing solutions provider. The company provides turn-key solutions in creative and branding, marketing and activations, events and management, ticketing and distribution across all digital platforms, events and venues.

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