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Zoom Meeting at your Home or in the Office is the new norm. bconceptgroup.com

Zoom Meeting and Online Conference is the New Norm!

In the modern world of today, we must use all the cutting-edge technological advancements and software at our disposal to create a new and safer way of doing things. Hosting a corporate webinar or zoom meeting online is rapidly becoming the “new normal”. bconceptgroup.com event management

Zoom Meeting and Online Conference is the New Norm!

Bangkok, May 2020 – Are you a business owner or corporate entity looking to move away from regular physical meetings to the safer option of a virtual online conference or zoom meeting?


In the modern world of today, we must use all the cutting-edge technological advancements and software at our disposal to create a new and safer way of doing things. Hosting corporate meetings online is rapidly becoming the “new normal”.


Virtual meetings are the future, and here is why.

Innovative Online Meeting

Moving backwards is not an option in the business world. We always need to grow and evolve as businesses or even as individual people. Using the latest and most innovative online chat and meeting portals such as Zoom Meeting, Webex or Demio will ensure you are on the cutting-edge of virtual online meeting technology. It’s always important to keep one step ahead of the game.

Accessibility to Zoom Meeting

Because of the latest online conference and chat software applications, the world of virtual meetings is more accessible than ever before. As the internet has become more powerful, quicker and more reliable, virtual meetings are now easier to host. The technology is more reliable, and with more people having modern smartphones, virtual meetings are a viable and more accessible option and easy to organize and execute.

Economical Zoom Meeting

Anything that saves time and money in the business world already attains Holy Grail status. Having online meetings saves time. Time is precious and time is money. You can organize an online meeting from anywhere that can cut-out travel costs and all manner of expenses. As a business owner, it’s essential to keep everything running promptly, which is why the utilization of online zoom meeting portals is game-changing.

Sharing in Zoom Meeting

One of the most beneficial aspects of hosting an online meeting is you can quickly share ideas and concepts with your employees, business partners or even potential consumers. You can also share documents and images within the group on a virtual meeting platform. Sharing the dates for events, ticket prices and ideas, in general, is what makes virtual meetings essential in the modern business world of today.

Training Online

Schedule virtual meetings for guest speakers or even training employees is excellent for educational purposes. Train professionals via a professional live stream. The possibilities are endless. A professional office studio could be created solely for training purposes with high-quality cameras and production values and then distributed across many platforms live to attract a large number of viewers.


Do you run an events company or manage a hotel or other similar businesses? Did you ever think of selling event tickets for an event or promoting hotel bookings via virtual meetings? The world of online meetings can be anything you want them to be. You can streamline them to promote your products and services.

Here at B-Concept Media Entertainment Group, we can help you compete in a brave new world of live event streaming.


B-Concept Group and B-Concept MPA provide turn-key solutions that cover branding, channels, design, digital, entertainment, events, MICE, team building and productions.


B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is a Bangkok-based Full-Service Artist, Digital, Events & Media Company. The Company currently services consumer, fashion, hotels, lifestyle, tech and tourism businesses with digital marketing, entertainment, events & meetings and lifestyle solutions.


B-Concept distributes Fatboy lifestyle products in Thailand and operates different channels including Thailand Event Guide, Gay Asia Traveler – an LGBT Community – as well as EZY-Go, an attraction booking platform.

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