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    Zoom and other live streaming resources offer opportunities for extra revenue streams. bconceptgroup.com

    Live Streaming Events Directly into Your Living Zoom!

    Entertainment in the new normal might include Zoom or other live stream channels to attract audiences. bconceptgroup.com

    Live Streaming Events Directly into Your Living Zoom!

    Bangkok, May 2020 – We are living in trying and testing times. The way we lead our daily lives has changed. Since the Covid19 pandemic, the events industry has naturally been one of the hardest hit. Moving forward, we will have to change how we absorb a live concert or event by utilizing technology and internet live streaming platforms. Are you thinking about organizing an event or are interested in how you can catch a live concert in these unique times? Check out our vision for future events and how we can help your business change with the times.

    Live Streaming Events


    If you still want to organize or attend an event post-Covid19, you might have to shift your attitude to what you think a new-wave event might look. Although the latest in wristband technology might make it possible to visit an event live in person while keeping a safe distance from others, the reality is that experiences might be less physically interactive as before. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have events. We need to change our ethos and move towards live streaming events.

    Live Stream

    The immediate future of live events will revolve around live streaming. With different options for live streaming in the modern age of the internet, this will be the solution to all our live event issues in the aftermath of Covid19. Can you imagine your event being broadcast live across the internet with a nominal charge for those who want to attend in a virtual capacity? We can help you to make a live streaming event a reality.

    Concert Streaming

    In the world of live virtual events, music concerts have the most promise for live streaming alternatives. At B-Concept Media, we can bring in speakers and big screens for live performances and then stream it live online to your audience. Although it might not have the same vibe as being there in person, it is a new and exciting way to absorb live concert events and generates an extra revenue channel. Think about people who cannot attend or who are physically not well to participate in an event.

    Conference Zoom

    Are you thinking of organizing a conference or a training event with guest speakers? If so, we can also help you to broadcast it live online to reach your target consumers. Live streaming could be for a conference, a training course or even for promotional reasons to give your products and services exposure online. We can help you with every aspect of organizing a live conference online.

    Social Media Distribution

    Fortunately, we live in a modern age where live streaming platforms are plentiful. Whether live concerts or other types of live events, we can help you to broadcast your live event directly on the internet. We have our live steam platform, and can also ensure your event is streamed and distributed across Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms. We can help you to create or find your audience online via live streaming events across social media.

    Although the world of live events will change in the immediate future with lower occupancies and higher risks, we might get back to normal at some point. However, if you keep one step ahead of the latest technological options to show your live event online, you can take advantage of the new way of doing things and integrate that with live physical events when and if things get back to normal.

    Here at B-Concept Media Entertainment Group, we can help you compete in a brave new world of live event streaming.


    B-Concept Group and B-Concept MPA provide turn-key solutions that cover branding, channels, design, digital, entertainment, events, MICE, team building and productions.


    B-Concept Media Entertainment Group is a Bangkok-based Full-Service Artist, Digital, Events & Media Company. The Company currently services consumer, fashion, hotels, lifestyle, tech and tourism businesses with digital marketing, entertainment, events & meetings and lifestyle solutions.


    B-Concept distributes Fatboy lifestyle products in Thailand and operates different channels including Thailand Event Guide, Gay Asia Traveler – an LGBT Community – as well as EZY-Go, an attraction booking platform.

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