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    Covid 19 in Thailand: Impacts on the Worldwide Travel Industry

    Covid 19 in Thailand: Impacts on the Worldwide Travel Industry

    Bangkok, May 2020 – Covid 19 has grown the eCommerce industry big-time! From social distancing and living at home, consumer behaviour has changed and has boosted online shopping. Restriction of travel has limited people in their movements while consumers take time to visit travel channels more from home.

    Growth in eCommerce has, on average grown 25-29% with the Millennial and Gen Z groups growing the fastest.
    Shopping masks, gloves and sanitizers have skyrocketed with 817% in purchasing, according to Adobe’s analytics.
    By the end of April, the impact of the coronavirus on the travel industry is seven times more than 9/11 with government debt rising to 710 trillion USD and 2,7 billion workers who have been worldwide affected.

    Covid19 Impact on the Travel Industry


    The rapid effects of the pandemic have hit hard and left people in the great unknown. The people have to remain positive and might need to make changes to their traditional lives, moving forward into a brave new world. 


    Expedia has gone free fall and is one of the largest “at-risk” companies in the industry with the stock prices crashing 50% during this month. However, Airbnb has remained cheerful and believes it’s the brand will thrive during a time of social distancing because people might prefer to stay at private locations. 


    Investors look with optimism to the travel and hospitality industry and believe it will gain rapid traction after the Covid19 pandemic has passed.


    People around the world can’t wait to travel. The growing consensus is that travel tech will help lead struggling companies out of crisis and define our new normal in ways we book and travel.

    Thailand Travel Industry in Covid19 Aftermath

    In Thailand, the tourism industry has heavily suffered from Covid19 pandemic. Thailand heavily depends on tourism to keep the economy flowing. Tourist arrivals have been almost 0. One million people in the travel industry have lost their jobs and are spending time at home wondering what will be next. Hotels in key-tourism destinations have sent staff home and closed doors to cut operations expenditure.


    Covid 19 Cases in Thailand


    Thailand counts 2,989 confirmed infections; 55 persons have died to COVID 19. (6 May 2020).


    To prepare the Thai tourism industry for a bounce back, the Tourism Authority of Thailand in collaboration with the Thailand Safety and Health Administration has prepared for business certification aimed to elevate Thailand’s sluggish tourism industry to bring back confidence for travellers to return soon. This Covid-19 proof certificate will cover five key areas:

    • Tourism establishments and services must strictly follow the COVID-19 control guidelines by the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health.


    • The safety of attractions and facilities with development plans or operating procedures that focus on ensuring tourist safety while maintaining local culture and promoting interaction between local communities and tourists.


    • Set up of Hygiene and sanitation in tourism establishments and services, such as home-stays, lodges, souvenir shops and restaurants.


    • Convenience, cleanliness, and safety of linkages between communities and attractions, as well as the safety and health standards of transportation, including private cars, public buses, and airlines.


    • Build confidence in tourism personnel in tourism establishments, including tourist safety and security protocol.

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